SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

(1) google 80%

(2) bing(microsoft)

(3) ask(yahoo) 

(1) on page SEO

(2) off page SEO


on page SEO

(1) keywords + volume 200 ……. +

difficulties…………..maximum 20.

(2) check competitor content length (

(3) check pa (page authority) and da(domain authority)(mozbar) maximum da 30.

(4) SEO article writing(

(i) focus keyword in heading

(ii) focus keyword in the first 100 words of paragraph

(iii) use related keywords in subheadings

(iv) no copy paste content

(v) use transitions words in the content

(vi) no much passive voice sentences

(vii) keep paragraph short

(viii) keep sentence line short

(5) publish content on the website’s page

(i) use the keyword in URL

(ii) use the keyword in meta description

(iii) use keyword in SEO title

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